Monday, March 7, 2011

Smart Cover trumps the iPad 2

iPad 2? Meh. If you already own an iPad, like me, the iPad 2 is boring, and nothing new. But the Smart Cover? Now that's interesting.

The Smart Cover is a beautiful piece of industrial design. Functional, ridiculously simple, elegant. And it fills a gap that has been in Apple products lately: customization. Before the Smart Cover, I thought Joby's Ori iPad case was a pretty clever piece of design. Side by side, the Ori looks a crazy, complex beast.

I want an iPad 2 now, but not for the device itself -- I don't care for its so-called upgrades. I want an iPad 2 for the Smart Cover. There's something wrong about that. Hmmm…

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okasaneko said...

My iPad (technically, it's my son's but I now own it, it's a really long story) is housed in an Otterbox defender case and looks like Batman so you can imagine the attraction the iPad 2 smart cover holds for me. I'm holding out for the next or even the next next generation. In the meantime, I laugh myself silly reading up on ways to mod the smart cover on the iPad.