Thursday, January 13, 2011

To Rockmelt or not to Rockmelt?

Fifteen minutes into Rockmelt and I was addicted. I had my Facebook, my Twitter, and my favorite RSS feeds all chirping notifications at me. Here was a new browser which promised to change my surfing habits forever. I'd been hearing a lot of good things about Rockmelt, so I decided to give it a try.
To make matters worse (or better), Rockmelt also automatically sent my notifications to Growl. Compulsively, I clicked on every notification that came my way. It was great. There was only one problem: I was at work, and I wasn't working. As promised, here was a browser that could make me give up my Firefox dependency, except I can't use it -- unless I want to get fired and be a bum. Maybe on weekends, Rockmelt...

I put my Twitter feed in one of the buttons on the right side.

Facebook's on the left. You get your RSS feeds on the right. Fantastic. But SO distracting.

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spork said...

Rockmelt? Dowet. But it can get really distracting so I turn off the edges when I really have to get work done. One downside though is that your bookmarks don't work or show up when you're not logged in to FB. Now, my FB didn't log in because I wasn't connected to the internet. So why would I need my bookmarks? Ahh, but in the office, my personal laptop is blocked to FB. So when I'm not connected, nothing shows. No bookmarks. And then I discovered 2 features: turn off the edges and browse offline (from FB). Then it just functions as Chrome.