Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Third World Nerd Predictions for 2011

It's not too late to do this, is it?

1. Tablets will be big

Whether or not tablets are truly a new category of PCs remains to be seen, but this year everyone from manufacturers to developers to consumers is going crazy about tablets. And if you don't have a tablet now, expect to have one soon.

2. Your mom will be on Facebook

If she isn't already, that is. FB is just going to get bigger in 2011. Expect it to become a larger part of your life in the coming year. My mom's not on Facebook yet, but I can see her resolve starting to buckle. She's seen FB through my sisters' accounts, her grandkids have opened accounts, and all it will take is one small push to turn her into an FB user.

3. Android will rule the smart phone race

The Android OS may be the "PC" in the smart phone version of the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" war, but there's nothing but good stuff to be said about this open platform. Cell phone makers have successfully made awesome competitors to the iPhone, and oftentimes, they're cheaper, and sometimes, even better. I myself am eagerly awaiting the Android-powered PSPhone after saying no to two generations of iPhones.

4. Mobile will be bigger than ever

Duh. The race is on to push products and services to the legion of mobile phone users out there. Can you smell the money?

5. Mirrorless cameras will challenge Nikon and Canon

I read somewhere that in Japan, the marketshare of mirrorless cameras versus traditional SLR cameras is a whopping 40%. The Olympus and Panasonic-led Micro Four Thirds standard, along with Samsung's and Sony's mirrorless standards will take a serious bite of the SLR market, or, perhaps more accurately, convert more camera enthusiasts into interchangeable-lens camera users.

6. 3D will be everywhere, but few will buy in

We'll be awash in 3D TVs, 3D laptops, 3D gaming, and 3D cameras, but most of this stuff will still be expensive. You know, stuff for "early adopters". 3D gaming will take the lead as usual -- Nintendo's 3DS tops the list -- but mostly, 3D will be a fun distraction, something some people will be willing to pay more for, but alas not everyone. Maybe in 2012?

7. Motion gaming will be hit and miss

Motion gaming is great, yes, but the games aren't worth shit if developers don't make great games too. Haven't we learned anything from the Wii? That said, expect some motion games to be truly genius (Dance Central), and expect more to be cashing in on the fad. Above all, expect to wait for the good games. Game development takes time.

8. Internet TV will rise, but not here

Hulu, Apple, vudu, Netflix, Google, Logitech… the list of Internet TV providers is becoming more and more impressive. When the dust settles, it may be time to finally ditch your cable connection -- if you're in the West, that is. Here in the developing world, two things will hold us back: bandwidth and licensing. Many of the aforementioned services simply aren't available in our region, and if you can get them to work, a fast connection is a must.


Jenny said...

I have the opposite happening for #2 - My daughter will be old enough for FB!

The problem with Internet tv is it depends which country you're at to enjoy it.

Bogey said...

Peeps, hulu works here! You just need to have at least 2-3mbps of connection plus VPN! :D

The Third World Nerd said...

Really? No more IP blocking? I will give hulu a whirl. Thanks!

Jenggay said...

O my, I got goosebumps when I read this. I was just backreading your posts (I am an avid reader or fan should I call it of Frances and your two boys na in her blog so I checked yours) and all of these came true I guess. Galeng! :)