Saturday, January 15, 2011

Make a cheap flash diffuser with a ping pong ball

I'm not a big fan of built-in flashes. I've found flash photography to look pleasing only with a proper flash unit (used properly). I'm too cheap to buy one now. But sometimes I need to use the flash. Here's a cheap fix: use a ping pong ball as a diffuser for your flash. Here's how:

Get a ping pong ball. Measure the widest part of your built-in flash. Make a hole of the same size with a box cutter.

And you're done! Here are some samples:


Setting everything to auto, this is the picture that the camera took. There's a hotspot in the middle, and the details are blown out in the center too.

With the diffuser on, things are much better.


apples & dumplings said...

I used a film canister (the translucent one) as a diffuser. Works great too.

Frances said...

Ooh, apples, that's an excellent idea!