Thursday, December 23, 2010

The iOS 4.2 experiment

The other week, I tried to work exclusively from my iPad. Yes, iOS 4.2 for the iPad finally lets you multitask. Eureka, it actually worked! But it was far from perfect.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Third World Internet

This is a screenshot of SpeedTest from my friend who was in the US recently. (Mind you, this is a plain vanilla Internet connection, nothing fancy.) We were having a conversation about Google TV, and I was telling him that if we were to buy one of these boxes, it would be best to get a super fast Internet connection first. I've been having doubts that my 2Mbps DSL will cut it when it comes to streaming HD TV. So my friend forwarded me his SpeedTest results just to make me feel bad. Nice. Thanks Caloy.

No business like Schu business

I've noticed there are a lot of techie girls reading this site, and this post is for all of you out there with a shoe fetish (me included!). If you've got an iOS device, you might want to check out this app from the ever-popular shoe retailer, Schu. With this app, you can browse Schu's collection from your phone. Online orders would have been nice, but for now it's not possible (the developers tell me Schu has to work things out on the back end first). You can, however, give the shop a call the old-fashioned way and place an order. The app is free on the Apple App Store. I have a feeling window shopping will never be the same again… More pics after the break...

Monday, December 6, 2010

And on drums...

Here's another pic of the Rock Band Pro cymbals. The kid loves 'em. In other news, this nifty app BlogPress makes blogging on the iPhone a breeze. 
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The Rock Band 3 instruments have landed

Actually, they've been cluttering my living room for the past week, but I've only gotten around to blogging about them now. I ended up ordering this stuff from the old Amazon-Johnny Air connection. I haven't seen the new instruments in local stores, and since I was determined to be deep into the game by Christmas, I decided to take the jump. Time will tell if I've saved money or squandered it, but the fun of the past weekend is worth it if you ask me. I'm a massive Rock Band geek.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fly to Europe for free

I love free stuff. I love it even more when you don't have to buy anything to get free stuff. So if you want to go to Europe for free, just head on over to and join this promotion from KLM.