Saturday, November 27, 2010

Merry Christmas to me!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mobile blogging test

Dell Streak anyone?

It's raining tablets over at my friends' place, These (very blurry) photos of the 5-inch Android tablet, the Dell Streak, have been sitting in my phone for quite some time now. I took these snaps when I dropped by Techie's office and Elijah was showing off all the tablets he was playing with at the time. Here's my 30-second impression of the Dell Streak:

The Internet killed NU 107

It's been around a week now since rock radio station NU 107 ceased operations and started blaring out pop tunes instead. Half of my friends are in mourning. The other half just doesn't care. I myself am a little torn up. I grew up with that radio station.  My car radio was fused to 107.5 for years. But I'm not surprised. I actually think the owners of NU did the right thing. Things are exactly as they should be.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The hunt for Rock Band 3 instruments begins

Last weekend, I discovered that Rock Band 3 is now available at Datablitz (one week late from the US release). Not bad, all things considered. The only problem is there were no keyboards in sight!

Is this the PSPhone?

Just when I thought a new PSP couldn't excite me anymore, Engadget busts the news about the PSPhone, and it looks pretty slick. Could this be my next phone?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Western Digital My Passport Essentials SE hands-on

And here's another micro-review of sorts by moi, again on Click here to read the whole thing. I really want this little portable hard drive. I have a total of 5.33TB of storage at home and my iTunes and Aperture library have grown to be too huge to live in my laptop, so I could really use this.

My Asus O! Play HD2 review is up

I recently wrote a review for the guys at, and you can read about it by hitting the link below. I've long been a fan of media streamers as it fills a nice niche between your computer and your television. It also allows me to watch those torrents as they're meant to be seen -- on a giant LCD TV. Ok, my TV's not so huge, but it sure beats a computer screen.