Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Third World Internet

This is a screenshot of SpeedTest from my friend who was in the US recently. (Mind you, this is a plain vanilla Internet connection, nothing fancy.) We were having a conversation about Google TV, and I was telling him that if we were to buy one of these boxes, it would be best to get a super fast Internet connection first. I've been having doubts that my 2Mbps DSL will cut it when it comes to streaming HD TV. So my friend forwarded me his SpeedTest results just to make me feel bad. Nice. Thanks Caloy.

So here we are in the Philippines, moderately successful in our chosen professions, hungry for high speed Internet, with money to burn. Just what are our options anyway?

PLDT, Globe, or Bayan DSL
Up to around 3Mbps

In my experience, PLDT and Globe DSL are equally good if you view the glass as half-full. They're equally bad if you view the glass as half-empty. Customer service for both has been dismal and when there's a service interruption (which is rare enough, to be fair), these tend to stretch on forever because it's tricky getting the service guys to your door.

A third option, Bayan DSL is also available now, but I've never tried it. Your location will determine which services are available to you. Current plans top out at around 3Mbps.

Sky Cable
Up to 12Mbps for P5,999

The catch here is that your location has to be one where Sky Cable can reach. My building, for example, has an exclusive contract with the stone age Destiny Cable, so this is impossible for me. Boo. More info on their plans here.

Or up to 112Mbps for P20,000
If you live in certain buildings in Rockwell, you're in for a treat. Ultra high speed broadband (UHSB) is available here. More details here.

Hyper Speed
Up to 100Mbps for P14,995

If you live in Forbes park, you're one of the lucky ones. You can get super fast Internet from Globe. The service is aptly named Hyper Speed. Globe is expanding this service to other areas in Makati and The Fort, but no word as to when.

Mobile broadband

Fuhgedaboutit! We're talking ultra high speed broadband here. Even WiMAX is just 1Mbps.


spork said...

I've been looking for a fast internet connection for my place. Unfortunately, I live in one of those places where SkyBroadband won't reach. PLDT forces you to pay landline fees and everybody else I've contacted -BayanDSL and Globe Broadband don't seem to be interested in my business. Tempted to go 4G with wi-tribe only because they seem to be very aggressive with hooking you up. Problem is, I heard their after-service is pretty bad. I guess having crappy internet at home isn't so bad for now. It gives me the motivation to get my ass to work.

Weee! I'm famous! Thanks, Vince.

The Third World Nerd said...

You got that right, spork. We have very few options. Damage you do, damage you don't, as they say.

Bogey said...

Btw Hulu (free edition, haven't tried HULU plus as I don't have a US based credit card) works great in PLDT's 3mbps plan. Para ka na din nasa US na naka Video on Demand.

Bogey said...

For me, the reason why I think we have a thirdworld rate ISP (other than being a third world country) is because almost all contents that we access are outside of our country.

example thirdworldnerd.com is hosted in the US, pinoy forums such as pinoyexchange is in the US, PSN/Xbox Live content is hosted outside, a bulk of PS3 and Xbox360 owners are outside of the Philippines, thus online match making is being routed in the US and or in Japan (whoever has the best connection at a given time).

If majority of the content that we access is hosted locally and (when it comes to online gaming) if almost all pinoys have Xbox360s and PS3s in their homes then we can fully experience the speed of our subscribed plans.

For as long as we get our contents abroad, we will still experience third world speeds. :D