Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Western Digital My Passport Essentials SE hands-on

And here's another micro-review of sorts by moi, again on techie.com.ph. Click here to read the whole thing. I really want this little portable hard drive. I have a total of 5.33TB of storage at home and my iTunes and Aperture library have grown to be too huge to live in my laptop, so I could really use this.

For this nerd, a 1TB portable hard drive priced at P6,900 is a really big deal because portable hard drives have been stuck at 500GB for what feels like dog years. Meanwhile, desktop bound external hard drives are now topping out at 3TB. Someone stop me from buying!


Mariel said...

How funny! I was just about to link you up—hence, on your page now to copy and paste the address—since I've just purchased a Western Digital external hard drive and blogging about it right now. It's the My Passport Essential Robot Limited Edition and it's so cute!

The Third World Nerd said...

Ooh! I heart limited edition stuff! That robot is seriously cute

Mariel said...

Super! I've just published the post: http://www.nyminutenow.com/2010/11/gadgeteering.html. Clicked on your Dyson fan post by the way. It'd look good in your home! Plus, safe for Vito later on :)