Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Asus O! Play HD2 review is up

I recently wrote a review for the guys at Techie.com.ph, and you can read about it by hitting the link below. I've long been a fan of media streamers as it fills a nice niche between your computer and your television. It also allows me to watch those torrents as they're meant to be seen -- on a giant LCD TV. Ok, my TV's not so huge, but it sure beats a computer screen.

I used to watch my videos through a Home Theater PC and what a headache that was. A keyboard and mouse just have no place in the living room. So when these media streamers started coming out, I was all over it, and I've been a happy nerd ever since. I've also been reviewing almost every media streamer that's come Techie's (and formerly T3's) way, a couple of Popcorn Hours, a Kaiboer, Xtreamer and now this. This latest media streamer from Asus is nothing new, but everything just works, so I was quite happy with it. It's just a good package, priced well, with some nifty extras. It's more of a refinement of the past (media streamers) instead of a revolutionary breakthrough of the future (Apple TV, Google TV). Read the review here.

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