Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is this the PSPhone?

Just when I thought a new PSP couldn't excite me anymore, Engadget busts the news about the PSPhone, and it looks pretty slick. Could this be my next phone?

Hit Engadget to read all about it, but here's all you need to know: It runs Android and lets you play PSP games. For that alone, I'd gladly ditch my iPhone in two seconds flat. At this point though, there are more questions than answers. What on earth is that touchpad? Does that mean no to two analog controllers? Does this mean there'll be a whole new generation of PSP games? Nobody knows!

I rarely touch my PSP nowadays, but in its heyday -- before the iPhone, the iPad and the Kindle -- it was my go-to device for mobile gaming (PSP, PSOne, Gameboy, SNES, you name it), reading comics and the occasional ebook, with all apps and content sourced directly from the Interwebs. Hackers made the PSP into the prototype of the connected, do-it-all device, and since those heady days, the little guy has suffered from an exodus of developer support. Few game developers make games for it nowadays because of widespread piracy. There's also been an exodus of community support. The famous Dark Alex abandoned PSP development after many hackers stole credit for his work, and the scene hasn't been the same since. Well, it was fun while it lasted and the whole PSP debacle has even made me rethink my views on piracy and jailbreaking. But that's a topic for another blog post.

I'm hoping the PSPhone and the rumored PSP2 can be the device that the first PSP was meant to be. I had a blast on the PSP and I will gladly give up my iPhone and its "time wasters" for a PSPhone. Hurry up Sony.

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Frances said...

I wantssss it! It's ALL I need!