Thursday, November 4, 2010

The hunt for Rock Band 3 instruments begins

Last weekend, I discovered that Rock Band 3 is now available at Datablitz (one week late from the US release). Not bad, all things considered. The only problem is there were no keyboards in sight!  

...And no Cymbals. And no Squier Strat. And no MIDI Pro Adaptor for my Ibanez electric. For those of you who haven't heard about Rock Band 3, it's the sequel to Rock Band 2, the oh-so-popular rhythm game. This time around, there are keyboards, and there's also a pro-mode that lets you play the songs as they're actually played on real instruments. 

Anyway, I passed on buying the game because without the new instruments, it would just be the same as Rock Band 2 except with new songs. If anyone spots any of this stuff, give a holla.

Now with cymbals it's practically the real thing.

I would have preferred a Fender Strat, but the Squier Strat is still made by Fender, and it's cheaper.
The ever-adorable K-On girls! Random Rock Band for the day. I heart them.


Alex said...

The only guitars that work in pro mode are the Mad Catz Mustang guitar (which are still hard to find but available in some places) and the Squier Strat which won't be released until March 1 2011.

Your Ibanez won't work even with the midi adapter.

The Midi adapter only allows you to hook up midi drums and midi keyboards.

that is all.


The Third World Nerd said...

Thanks for the heads up, Alex! I'm now officially heartbroken that there's no way (as of now) for me to use my Ibanez. Looks like the only way is the Strat WITH the MIDI Pro adaptor, which is also the reason why there's a guitar input on the adaptor. More info here: