Monday, October 4, 2010

Turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone, sort of

iPhone 4 on Globe costs how much, you say? Thanks to this China-made gizmo, called the Peel 520, you can now insert your iPod into a case and magically turn it into a phone.

Here's how it works. The case has a slot for a SIM card as well as a speaker and a microphone and an antenna. An iPod connector docks the case to the iPod. Meanwhile, the jailbroken iPod (yes, you have to perform Jailbreak on it) recognizes the case with an app. Simply open the app to make a call or text, just like you would with a fancy iPhone 4.

It's not a pretty solution. There are lots of iPod cases out there that look better. But how many cases can give your iPod the same functionality as an iPhone 4 for literally half the price? (That's around P16k for an iPod plus P5k for the Peel 520 versus P43k for an iPhone 4.) Interested now?

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