Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nerdy TV returns

Set your torrents to "download," nerds. Lots of TV shows are making a comeback this season. And hell, it's about time. Here are my top picks for your download queue, free from major spoilers. Hmm, okay, not really, but I tried.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 3
Out now

Alright, I'm hooked on this series, especially since it took a turn towards the dark side. Season two went to some very interesting places for a kid's animation series -- even giving us a glimpse of Anakin's dark lord tendencies. It also gave us the biggest bad-ass bounty hunter since Boba Fett, Bane. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping season three will continue this trend. Will it help if I say please? Episodes one and two of this new season focused on Clone Troopers again, something of a signature of this series. Not a bad start.


Fringe Season 3
Sept 24

What a twist that was in the finale of season two -- almost too much happening all at the same time. This series is really going from strength to strength. How's this for a teaser: the first episode's title is "Olivia." But which one? Which one?!?!

Watch the trailer here.

Chuck Season 4
Out now

Okay, so Chuck's got the girl. Chuck knows kung-fu. Chuck's officially a superspy. What's going to happen now? My wife tells me there's a killer development, but I made her promise not to spoil it for me. So I have no idea where season four is going. But I have hope that this won't devolve into Moonlighting, where it all went downhill after Bruce Willis ended up with Cybil Shepherd. You kids out there won't remember that disaster...


Nikita Season 1
Out now

If you can forget the stellar film La Femme Nikita (and the so-so remake, Point of No Return) for just a moment, Nikita looks like a delicious spy series packed to the gills with hot girls and sizzling action. It's led by none other than Maggie Q as Nikita.

La Femme Nikita, of course, has gone down in movie history as one of the all-time greats, so it all falls down the moment you start comparing the series with the film. It's also personally one of my favorite films, so I immediately had a lot of complaints about Nikita the series. But then I took a deep breath and let go of the past. With that done, I had a blast with Nikita's first two episodes. Let's hope this series doesn't fall apart, or I'm calling a Cleaner.


Big Bang Theory Season 4
Sept 24

The most adorable nerds on TV are back for another season of hilarity. This is a sitcom after all, so don't expect huge plot twists or massive changes. But I don't care! I just want more of this show. Keep it coming!


Caprica Season 2
Oct 6

Okay, season one of Caprica was hit and miss. Some episodes were really intriguing. Others were just dull and lifeless. Because I love Battlestar Galactica so much, I stuck with the series and came out of the first season with mixed feelings. This definitely was no BSG, but that wasn't entirely a bad thing. Caprica brought a whole bunch of new things to the table: high drama, a distinctive, stylish look, a glimpse into BSG's past, and teenage hotties. But please, Caprica creators, can we get back to the cylons now? That's what this series is supposed to be about, right?


Dexter Season 5
Sept 27

This is another series that's dangerously close to running for too long. Dexter's writers have done a bang-up job so far, managing to inject something fresh into each and every season, so maybe I shouldn't be too concerned. Plus season four's twist definitely means that season five has to break new ground. That's assured. But how long can this go on? The body count is through the roof!


Frances said...

I think this should be Dexter's last season. He killed an innocent man last season so, by his own code, he should pay. I think his secret will be discovered by Deb. I also think he'll be the person of interest in Rita's murder (of course!). So I think this season will be darker and sadder as we watch Dexter's life unravel. I almost don't want to watch it!

dementedchris said...

I didn't know Caprica was coming out with a second season. Honestly thought it was dead and buried. Quite excited to hear that it's alive -- I just hope they have a plan. :P

The Third World Nerd said...

dementedchris, strangely enough, the Oct 6 episode of Caprica is still considered to be part of the first season. It's listed as episode 10. Maybe they're not in the clear yet.

dementedchris said...

Thanks for the clarification! It's a shame if the series will get cancelled (despite being uneven, I still thought there were a lot of good things about it) but I do hope that it will end with some kind of closure.