Monday, July 19, 2010

Sony Philippines is giving away laptops!

Okay everyone, it's promo time. Sony Philippines is giving away three VAIO M laptops. In case you're wondering, these are Sony's pretty little netbooks sporting Intel N450 Atom processors, worth P29,000+ each. More info after the jump!

The battery has been bumped up to a 6-cell battery from the 3-cell battery found on the VAIO W, but the resolution has been scaled down to 1024x600 while the processor has been upgraded ever so slightly to a newer Atom proc. Otherwise, it's a netbook. You know what those are like. This one is real pretty like. Just check out the photos.


Head on over to their website to join the promo. Once you're there, click on the promo banner, download the contest form and all you have to do is encircle/mark the 29 Sony products in the picture. Easy-peasy.

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Frances said...

Let's do this, Vince!!! I want a new toy =P