Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Third World Nerd's Wish List: Part One

Ok boys and girls, E3 is over and Apple's mid-year announcements are over, so we now have a clear idea of all the stuff we'll be wanting in the coming year. In case you've never heard of it, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is the Comic Con of the gaming world, and this year's E3 was full of drool-worthy announcements. I want this stuff bad...

Xbox Kinect

A few years ago when the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 launched, I only had the money to buy one console. (And luckily for me, my wife bought me a PS3!) Now Microsoft drops this $299 Xbox, called the Xbox Kinect, and it's looking good.

Reasons to buy one:
• Microsoft promises that this model won't be affected by the red ring of death that afflicted countless Xbox 360s.
• It looks damn good, especially with Kinect (see below).
• It's just $299 (about P13,700 plus patong).

Reasons not to buy one:
• I'm already too busy to spend quality time with my PS3!
• Erm… I can't think of anything else...

Coming this November



This oddly-named thingamajig used to be called Project Natal, and it's Microsoft's bid to open up gaming to your mom, your sister and everyone who's intimidated by gaming controllers. With the camera array on Kinect, the Xbox 360 can see you and track your motions, turning your body into the controller. As Keanu Reeves once said, "Woah."

Reasons to buy one:
• You are the controller. How cool is that?
• You get to pretend you're Tom Cruise in Minority Report with its swipe gestures.
• Dance Central looks like the next Guitar Hero.

Reasons not to buy one:
• Other than Dance Central and Forza, the games lineup looks anemic so far.
• Casual games are all well and good, but Kinect has yet to prove it will be awesome for hardcore games.

Coming this Christmas


PlayStation Move

Standing somewhere between Nintendo's Wiimote and Microsoft's Kinect is Sony's Move. Sony is pushing it as a more precise Wii controller. In case you're wondering how it works, a camera tracks the colored balls on Move controllers, calculating motion in real space.

Reasons to buy one:
• It will actually work with the more serious games in Sony's portfolio. On launch, it will work with SOCOM 4. Next year, Killzone 3 will have Move.
• Can you say "Gran Turismo in 3D with Move"?

Reasons not to buy one:
• Early games don't look like they're much better than Wii games.
• You'll probably want more than one controller. The costs add up.

Coming this September

Nintendo 3DS

Hooray! 3D doesn't have to make you look like a dork! Nintendo has come to the rescue and given us the 3DS, basically a DS with a 3D screen, and you don't need glasses to see the magic. And reports are it actually works, sort of, if you don't move your head around too much.

Reasons to buy one:
• Handheld. 3D. What more do you want?!?
• There's a 3D camera at the back, which lets you take photos in 3D. Amazing.

Reasons not to buy one:
• It's not very different from a regular DS.
• Games developed for 3D are limited as of now, so it's too early to say whether or not this is just a gimmick.

Coming March 2011

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Jelly Bean said...

They're all lovely but i'd say Wii ROCKS!!!!

We just got one and we lurved it! Now we're planning on getting the wii fit, dj hero, band hero and more more games!!! You're right, though. The costs add up but it so much fun and that matters.