Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not another iPad review: Conclusion

Thought I'd just wrap up this iPad review with some sort of conclusion.

Is the iPad that "magical" device that Steve Jobs has been calling it? You betcha. It really is something. Reading Wired on it, or checking the news every morning on the iPad really feels like you stepped into the future. And its uses aren't limited to that. It will be different for everyone, I'm sure, but the device has a remarkable talent for finding a niche to occupy in your life and acting like it owns the place.

Is the iPad the perfect tablet? Not by a long shot, buddy boy. Good things come to those who wait, and iPhone OS 4 will solve that multi-tasking thing everyone's talking about. A lot of apps are perfectly awesome; a lot are also not so good. Thankfully, there's a lot to choose from, though almost all of them are overpriced.

Is it a laptop replacement? Some people can learn to live with the iPad's limitations, but heavy duty work is still best done on a full-on computer even if you use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with your beloved iPad. Also, without multitasking it's an incredible pain to do work on.

Is it the future of gaming? The jury's still out on this. Potentially a lot can be achieved by developers, but it's early days right now. But it's at least as good as an iPhone, which is saying a lot.

Is it a revolutionary device that changes everything? I'm afraid so. The accusations behind the iPad being a giant iPod touch are frankly a little well-deserved, but the iPad manages to change the way you consume media such as books, comics, magazines, television and even Internet surfing. That's a powerful change any way you look at it.


Cathie said...

Thank you for this review :-)

Jelly Bean said...

i was dreaming of getting the asus seashell netbook designed by karim rashid but when i saw my boss' ipad last week, i was totally impress and contemplated on getting the ipad instead of a netbook. but then i might have to wait til they fix the multi-tasking problem. for me that's very important.