Thursday, May 27, 2010

Six nerdy must-watch movies

Fasten your seatbelts, nerds. Iron Man 2 was just the start. There are a whole bunch of sci-fi and fantasy movies just around the bend. I've compiled a list of six must-watch movies. One is showing right now, one is showing around Christmas, and the rest will all be showing in the next couple of months.

Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex was one of the few comic book titles that I bought when I was a kid. My big brother volunteered to buy the big, popular titles and I focused on the smaller, odd titles like Firestorm, or Lobo. Jonah Hex was a delicious mash-up of sci-fi and Western that was always different. So that's the first reason why I'm excited about the Hollywood version of one of my childhood favorites. The second reason? Megan Fox. Do you need a third reason?!?

Release date: June 18


I hate Angelina Jolie movies. Except when they're action movies.  Or Gia. Thank heavens then that Ms Jolie has given up trying to prove that she has acting chops and embraced her action hero status. This time around, in Salt, she's starring in an espionage thriller as CIA officer Evelyn Salt. Rumor has it that this movie was originally supposed to star Tom Cruise. Well played, Angelina.

Release date: July 23

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

This movie is showing right now, so catch it on the big screen if you want to see shirtless Jake Gylenhaal and hottie Gemma Arterton. I can't shake the feeling that they made the wrong Prince of Persia movie though. The Sands of Time is an interesting enough storyline and the game was vastly popular, but the video game reboot by Ubisoft had a much more emotional plot and a better look to it. Of course, production for movies takes years, so it's no surprise that Hollywood missed the newer game. I can wish, right?

Release date: May 28

The Last Airbender

Alright, I never watched the TV show, so I'm in no position to talk smack about this movie. My friends swear that it's the bomb, but I can't get myself to watch Cartoon Network for long. (It makes me want to buy toys.) Seeing the trailer for The Last Airbender has piqued my interest though.

It's got M Night Shalayman in the director's chair, which is a good thing if the last M Night movie you watched was The Sixth Sense, and a bad thing if you watched The Happening. Hmm.

Release date: July 2


My wife does a great Predator impersonation. I'm not kidding! The first Predator is like her favorite movie. It was one of those great, classic movies that we grew up on, and with every new Predator movie, we hope that it will be just as good or better than the first. Then we just get disappointed, but we keep coming back for more. The last Predator farce, Aliens vs Predator 2, had us laughing hysterically then crying over the tragedy that the franchise has become.

Predators is hopefully not  the latest in a long line of Predator-movie stinkers. I'm praying this movie will buck the trend and actually be a good one, and there's reason to hope. Robert Rodriguez is on board and he's cast himself an interesting star in Adrien Brody. The predators meanwhile have been given a 2010 redesign.

This movie better not suck. Or my wife will hunt down the producers and mount their heads in our dining room.

Release date: July 9

Tron Legacy

Of all the upcoming movies I'm excited about, I'm most excited about Tron Legacy. The original had me hoping for years that I'd get sucked into our Apple IIc, but no such luck. Now it's 2010 and I'm dying to get back into the world of Tron.

Flynn lives. (Jeff Bridges is back!) And this time Flynn's son is sucked into that old familiar world of Light Cycles and Programs, except now the Programs are hot girls and David Bowie lookalikes. (How's that for awesome?) And Master Control is now Google. Okay, I made that last one up.

Release date: December


Frances said...

I want to watch them all! And my favorite movie is Red Dragon!!! I think I do a good impersonation of the Tooth Fairy during his transformation!

incubusbaby said...

I'm waiting for Salt and the Last Airbender.

Anything with Angelina Jolie wearing leather is goood.

Anonymous said...

Post a video of your wife doing the impersonations! That's every film nerd's dream!

munch said...

I can't wait for Avatar!!! I loved the animated show. I'm hopeful about the movie. I am a bit worried about M Night's interpretation though, I am one of the unfortunate few who watched The Happening... BUT I'm holding my breath and crossing my fingers!
I enjoyed the post by the way!

The Third World Nerd said...

Munch, M Night is without doubt a talented director, and I still have hopes that he'll turn around his losing streak. Let's hope he does it with The Last Airbender! (I watched The Happening too)

Jelly Bean said...

I was worried too about M Knight, munch. His movies are horrible especially the happening and the village. I was not surprise airbender was a big flop. My boyfriend can't wait to get out of the cinema house when we watched it. He totally ruined the story.

The Third World Nerd said...

looking at this list now, they've mostly proven to be disappointing, except for Salt, which I have yet to watch. Much sadness for M Night's Avatar... And Jelly Bean, I am one of the few people who liked The Village!

As long as they don't mess up Tron, I will be happy.