Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HTC launches trio of phones

Alright, this entry about the HTC launch is long overdue -- the event happened last week -- but the day job's been keeping this nerd busy. The trio of phones are likewise somewhat delayed to hit the local market, but it's always welcome when they come around. Local launches mean local support and local availability and local prices, and those are always good things.

Before I start talking about the phones, allow me to distract you from the nerdy stuff by showing you some photos of the event's host, the lovely Rhian Ramos.

And now back to regular programming…

HTC is of course the company that's been making phones for everybody else for years. In fact, it still makes phones for just about everyone in the industry, but now HTC is also marketing its own phones.


HTC Smart
The HTC Smart is the phone that HTC is making a big deal about, mostly because of its price. At P12,900, it's their ticket into everyone's pocket. It's quite an interesting proposition if you're strapped for cash. For under thirteen grand, you get a touch screen phone with Facebook, Twitter, a 3-megapixel camera and even an FM radio The catch? It runs the Brew Mobile Platform instead of Windows Mobile or Android, so don't expect apps pouring out of your ears -- which is kind of the point of having a touch screen phone, right? Hmmm… At least it comes in different colors.


If Windows Mobile is more your thing, the HTC HD mini is here to scratch that itch. It runs WinMo 6.5 Professional (with HTC's Sense interface slapped on top of it), paired with the Opera Mobile Browser. Think of it as the anti-iPhone. For a "mini" 3.2-inch touch screen phone, it sure ticks all the boxes with connectivity up the wazoo -- 3G, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. The camera's got 5 megapixels and autofocus and it has expandable memory via microSD cards (up to 32GB), which is gangbusters because SD cards are quite inexpensive nowadays. It's not exactly cheap at P29,200, but there's a lot of phone here.

Of course, the real headliner of this event is the HTC Legend (sorry Rhian). It's got basically everything mentioned in the HD mini's list of goodies, but instead of Windows Mobile, it runs Android 2.1 (again with HTC Sense slapped on top of it). In many ways, this phone is better than the iPhone -- particularly in the hardware -- and it even runs Adobe Flash, unlike the iPhone. The processor isn't the hot proc of the moment though (you know that 1GHz Snapdragon thingy), but its 600MHz Qualcomm processor should do the job. Did we mention that the phone looks bloody gorgeous? All for 31,700 clams.

And now for more pics of the event... Look! Models!

Blue steel, must think blue steel...


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Topaz Horizon said...

For's story on Rhian, they used a photo from our camera. I'm credited as the photographer!