Thursday, May 6, 2010

Forget the iPad, here's the aPad

Hot on the heels of Adobe showing off a tablet device running Android and Flash at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, China has harnessed the power of its manufacturing might to produce an iPad killer, and it's called -- fantastically enough -- the iRobot aPad. Well, that didn't take long.

Don't laugh yet. The aPad has actually got some serious stuff going on. This tablet thingy has a 7-inch touchscreen and runs the Android operating system (version 1.5 in case you were wondering), so yes, it will give the iPad a run for its money. The price? Two hundred American. Yeah, you read that right. Less than half the price of the cheapest iPad.

Of course some corners had to be cut to produce an iPad-like device for just $200. For starters, the screen resolution is just 800x480. Then there's the processor, a little 600MHz number, which is fine for a smart phone, but falls short of Apple's beefy A4 processor, which at the risk of comparing apples and oranges, is likely to be much faster. Memory is give and take: there's only 2GB onboard, but you can expand that via SD card. And unlike the iPad, the aPad has an integrated webcam.

The bottom line about this device? If you think the iPad is just a giant iPhone, this analogy is even more true of the aPad. The aPad is really just a giant Android phone. Nonetheless, it looks like the aPad is a worthy challenger from an unlikely place, especially given its price. You gotta love China.

(Via I4U and Chinagrabber. And thanks to Peter for the heads up!)


Frances said...

Are we buying this, too? How do we get one? Nasa Greenhills na ba? =P

Coni Tejada said...

yes vince, available na ba sa greenhills? este sa market? :-)

Crouching Tiger said...

props to the makers of the aPad... but unless they matched the iPad and outdid it, go for the iPad... maybe buy one directly online and have it shipped to your Philippine address or have a balik-bayan friend buy it for you coz the annoying reality about our poor old country is that retailers jack the price up once the items arrive our shores... besides you deserve better than an aPad... go for the current winner, the iPad

The Third World Nerd said...

Another Android alternative:

Very similar to the aPad, but the good thing is Archos does distribute locally so there's a good chance this will appear in the Philippines via official channels. Don't hold your breath though.

Meanwhile, yes, if you can afford an iPad, and if you're not an Apple hater, there's not much reason not to go for an iPad.

The Third World Nerd said...

Coni! No sightings in Greenhills yet, but I honestly haven't had the chance to sniff around there lately.

There's a weird breed of person who gets a kick out of China knockoffs, and if you're one of them, the aPad is worth a few laughs and might even be useful. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone though.