Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Philippine launch

Sony Ericsson launched its Android phone, the Xperia X10, yesterday and Third World Nerd was there. Well, not me personally since I was stuck at work, but 3WN's top correspondent (a.k.a. my wife Frances) was there to take photos and give her first impression of the phone. Should the iPhone be worried? We'll tell you after the jump.

Sony Ericsson's been mighty quiet for a while now, so it's good to see them getting back in the game with their flagship Xperia series. The X10 runs the Android operating system -- one of the three operating systems capable of giving the iPhone a run for its money (the other is Blackberry, and the third is Palm's WebOS which is virtually out of the game with Palm's disappointing financial performance). So is this something to get excited about? Yes, yes, yes it is, nerds.

It's all about apps nowadays, and Android has a boatload of apps available. A lot of these apps are from the open source community, a bunch of techie hippies. What it means to you is that there are a lot of free apps available. As for paid apps, you can't buy them here in the Philippines yet, which puts a dampener on things. Sony Ericsson is currently in talks with the telcos to allow purchases via the Android Marketplace. They said they're "studying it."

Under the hood of the X10, you've got a 1GHz Snapdragon processor -- one of the fastest procs out and about today. The phone also has a few big numbers on its side. The screen measures four inches (making it bigger than the iPhone) and the camera is an 8.1-megapixel camera. Yes, you read that right. 

Here are our first impressions:
  • The screen is very, very big. But the whole phone is thin and light.
  • Touch controls are about as responsive as the iPhone. Definitely much faster than the Samsung Omnia (which runs Windows Mobile on a resistive screen).
  • Android app icons are small -- even on the ginormous screen.
  • The camera produced dark photos (compared to the Samsung Omnia).
  • Apps with augmented reality were awesome!

Vince de la Cruz of Sony Ericsson showing off the Xperia X10

Vince de la Cruz, Product Group Marketing Manager, says the battery life of the X10 will last for one and a half days. We'll put that to the test we hope when we get our hands on a test unit.

The price of the Xperia X10? Suggested retail price of P32,500.


Frances said...

UPDATE: Sony Ericsson is holding the mall event "Xcite! Xsite!" where you can try out the X10 and, if you buy it, it will be at the discounted price of P31,900--plus, you get a free Sony DVD player.

Join the raffle, too! The prize is the X10!

"Xcite! Xsite!" will be at the Restaurant Concourse in Power Plant Mall (April 15-21) and at the Exhibit Lobby of Glorietta 4 (April 26-May 2).

noemi said...

hello po! nice blog :)...hopped here from your wifey's blog :)...

X10 srp is 32,500...
I went to sony ericsson, trinoma yesterday and asked how much the X10, the sales rep. said price is P34,995...

Sana P32,500 or lower pa :D

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

i checked the local distributor here in cambodia, x10 is priced at $599..^^

Anonymous said...

Just found a 29k x10 in a legit store in Market market.