Saturday, April 3, 2010

Should you get an iPad?

It's April 3, iPad D-Day. The reviews for the iPad have hit the Interwebs, and the verdict is out. Should you get an iPad? The short answer is yes, yes and yes. Gizmodo made a nice little roundup of all the reviews so far from Walt Mossberg to David Pogue. Check it out here. The iPad has been touted as the future of both publishing and mobile computing, and so far, it hasn't disappointed the reviewers. Should we believe them?

Well, there's no reason not to. Their reviews seem quite fair and manage to highlight the issues about the device. I have one teeny tiny little concern though: iBookstore support.  

So far, the Philippines has the App store, and no iTunes store. iBookstore? No one knows at this point. If we don't get the iBookstore, that puts a serious dampener on the iPad experience. It will be business as usual, and by that I mean it's every man for himself. You'll be forced to steal your books like your music and movies, or get creative and get iTunes gift cards from abroad (via the old Johnny Air and Amazon one-two punch again), a process far more complicated than stealing your books or your music. 

Thankfully, the iBookstore won't be the only way to get your media. We should be able to get content from apps or from iPad-optimized websites, or even plain jane websites. But only time will tell how exactly we'll be consuming our media in the future. 

I'm also skeptical about gaming on the iPad. Anyone with an iPhone knows that these touchscreen games are fun little diversions, but hopeless for any of the "serious" gaming you'll find on any PSP or DS. Developers have yet to resolve game control issues (hurry up, boys). 

Don't get me wrong. I, for one, am getting in line to get an iPad as soon as I can. The iPad is the self-designated messiah of publishing, an industry I used to work in (and still do in some ways), so I want to see what the fuss is about post-haste. Should I buy an iPad? It's a no-brainer for me.  

I like to think of it this way: If someone offered to sell you a flying car, you'd have to be slightly addled to not be interested. This is the future we've all been promised since Star Trek. The iPad may not perfect, but it's the future, or at least an attempt at it. And I want my future now.

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Miguel said...

Now, there's Kindle for iPad, so you can read on the iPad, Kindle, PC (Windows), Mac, and I hope Android is next.