Monday, April 26, 2010

The Olympus PEN firmware update is here and it works!

Firmware updates are rarely exciting moments, but in the case of the latest and first update for Olympus' Micro Four Thirds cameras (E-P1, E-P2 and E-PL1), it's case for celebration in the streets. I won't get into detail, so here's the Cliff Notes version: autofocus is now significantly faster! I tried it out last weekend and was pleasantly surprised to actually feel the difference on my Olympus E-PL1 -- impressive considering we're talking about fractions of a second here. Olympus claims an increase of as much as 15%, so you won't be competing with the speeds of SLR cameras, but it's definitely a welcome upgrade, especially considering that the Achilles' Heel of Micro Four Thirds cameras is the slow autofocus. What are you waiting for? Update now!

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