Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nerd Finds 2: Revoltech Macross Valkyrie VF-1J

After 24 years, I finally own a transforming Macross Valkyrie. I was twelve years old when I first wanted one. My classmate had the Roy Focker Valkyrie, and to my young self, the white, yellow and black color scheme with the skull and crossbones logo was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Two things stopped me from buying one for myself: 1) the astronomical price, and 2) Minmay, the female lead in Macross SDF, who was to me -- though I was unable to make the analogy at the time -- Jar Jar Binks with boobs.

For years, the complex construction of these transforming toys (unlike Optimus Prime, who only has two forms, they have three forms: Battroid, Gerwalk and fighter) have made Macross Valkyries the sole territory of serious collectors. Until this version by Revoltech came around, the Macross toy you'd have wanted was the one by DX Chogokin. They're still gorgeous. And expensive (US$100 and up).




This VF-1J Valkyrie by Revoltech is a mere six inches tall in Battroid form, so if, like me, you like your toys to look like action figures instead of oversized dolls (yeah, you heard me original G.I. Joe), this is the one to get. At P1,500 (around US$30), they might as well have sold it for a song -- an awful chirpy song by the Galactic Songstress herself, Lynn Minmay! Hooray for Protoculture!

Buy it at Bestoys in V-Mall, Greenhills, Amazon, or go to Here are more pics!

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