Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Magazines on the iPhone Part 1: GQ

Today I'm testing out the future of magazines on the iPhone. With the debut of the iPad, a bunch of digital magazines, e-magazines, call them what you will, have appeared for the iPhone as well. The results? Not so great.

GQ for iPhone

The iPad may be the future of publishing, but the iPhone's got a piece of digital GQ. This app is free (for now), so we almost feel we have no right to complain when we say stuff like the cover is too small and pointless on an iPhone screen. You can pinch and zoom on M. Lebouef's face, but pour quoi?

"Tasteful" sexy pictorials are here, but you get precious few pics. You do get the whole text though, not that we care. Where are the rest of the photos of Mila Kunis? Two pictures? Are you kidding me? Is this cruel trick supposed to make me want to buy the print version of the magazine?

Feature stories are here too, and quite plentiful. They look really nice on the iPhone screen.

Overall, GQ for the iPhone still feels like the magazine was retrofitted for the digital world, or squeezed poorly into your phone. You end up with layouts that are too small to read and full text articles that are linked to images that you can't see. It's as if they weren't thinking things through. Let's hope they streamline things in the months to come.


Shia Fan said...

"You can pinch and zoom on M. Lebouef's face, but pour quoi?"

So you can kiss those lips! You don't get it because you're a man =) I bet you'd view it differently if you can pinch and zoom in on Mila Kunis' assets!

Frances said...

No, no, the Nerd will never get it, and no, no, he won't pinch Mila's assets either! =P