Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is my PS3 dying?

I have a 20GB launch PS3 Phat (now upgraded to 160GB), and I'm afraid it's dying. The problem began with Uncharted 2. It would hang (triple beep) five seconds into any game. Once it started happening in chapter two, it kept happening. I've tried every fix suggested on the Internet -- uninstall, then reinstall, update firmware, rebuild hard drive database, turn off updates, turn on the air-conditioning, you name it, I've done it. Help!

I thought the problems were isolated to Uncharted 2, but I soon found out the PS3 would choke on God of War III too. Thankfully though, I could play for a few hours before it would hang, so I managed to finish that game (freaking awesome, by the way). Now the PS3 is hanging on Life with PlayStation as well, so I guess I won't be contributing to cancer research any time soon... Other games play fine, but I'm concerned that this is a precursor of the dreaded Yellow Light of Death.

Anyone having similar problems? I've been reading online that the fail rate of PS3s is on the rise. What's up Sony?

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Frances said...

PS3, please don't die on the Nerd. You're very precious to him! And me!