Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When nerdy bobbleheads attack

You are looking at a bobblehead from 2009's Fallout 3 Special Edition game. With the purchase of the Mazda 2, I thought it would be cool to have this bobblehead on my dashboard as a sort of nerdy and ironic nod to kitschy bobbleheads in taxis. But there was a problem: installation. Time to unleash my inner MacGyver.

If you want to get your hands on a bobblehead, you'll need to get a Special Edition Fallout 3. Try Datablitz (where my wife bought me mine for my birthday last year) or follow this ad here to Amazon.

Once you have your bobblehead, you'll need to make a base because the bobblehead's base itself is hollow and concave. I made mine from a roll of electric tape (remove tape until the roll fits in the bobblehead). The base will stick to the dashboard using 3M double-sided tape. 

Once the base is attached, install the bobblehead onto the base. Et voila! You're the envy of every nerd.


teeyah. said...

Coolness! I bet the bobble head makes driving so much more fun :)

Frances said...

As long as the Nerd keeps his eyes on the road and not on the bobbling head!

Bogey said...

Cool bobblehead of the wasteland dweller!!! And yes I envy you!!! :D

Take care of that icon as it might melt in the heat of the sun :D

The Third World Nerd said...

1.5 years later, Pip-boy is doing fine. His head is a little bent backwards nowadays, but it makes me look like I'm going fast. Hahaha.