Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Excuse me, there's a baby in my camera

The first thing I did after getting my new camera from Johnny Air was to buy a big SD card. Imagine my surprise when I opened the camera and found a 4GB card inside (the website and the box said one was not included). Imagine my further surprise when I opened the card and found pictures of someone's baby inside.

Now while this is weird enough to cause anyone to storm their local retailer, I know it happens all the time. As a professional reviewer of gadgets, I know that the "review unit" I'm playing with will more often than not be sold to someone after it's cleaned and the software is reinstalled. A new camera/laptop/mobile phone will actually make its rounds among the tech journalists, and if you don't properly delete your photos, you can expect one of your colleagues to be laughing his ass off somewhere. And to be fair to the tech companies that sell review units, 1)refurbishing usually works, and 2) damaged units are charged to the reviewer or not sold.

In the US, a lot of gadgets are also returned to the store. I'm guessing this is the case with my camera because the mystery baby's photos -- dated before Amazon's shipping date -- are from the US. As an additional twist to the mystery, the photos are actually from a Panasonic camera. I can't explain that one, but I have only one thing to say: Sorry suckah! Your SD card is mine now!


Cheryl said...

This is so funny. You have a great blog, interesting writes.

Shen said...

Lol. how i wish i got that card. but alas, i have to settle with buying one at cdr king.

Shen said...

Lol. how i wish i got that card. but alas, i have to settle with buying one at cdr king.

teeyah. said...

LOL. This is a funny story, indeed :)

lally said...

Hi Vince! Find your blog funny, to think that this is a "man blog"! Will recommend this blog to The Geeky Bikerboi boyfriend. :)

-Drama Queen (I'm actually Frances' friend way back during my RX events days :D)

P.S. Congrats on the new geek-in-training!

Frances said...

Hi Shen, Teeyah and Lally! Nice to see my blogger friends here =)